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The Curious Kitten

With 2 ladies at my work expecting their own little miracles, babies are definitely on the brain!  I have always much preferred supporting a small business & getting something special for baby showers, although can't resist popping into the chain stores for a few cute little outfits! While exploring the world of social media, I… Continue reading The Curious Kitten

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Lingo Coffee

I haven't always been a huge coffee fan; but burning the candle at both ends, as well as smelling the delicious scent of my husband's coffee in the morning has made me brave & want to finally "grow up".  I still don't know if I am brave enough to try some without sugar & milk,… Continue reading Lingo Coffee

Local Businesses

Funko Pops

Recently I was contacted by a company called Gammatek - they are the distributor of branded technologies, & the collectable brand Funko to sub-Saharan Africa.  I was quite amazed as I have recently got into collecting these awesome figurines & have had such fun searching for specific pops & making friends within this community.  You… Continue reading Funko Pops

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Olive & Arrow

When it comes to art, there are so many different, unique styles & whenever I seem to think I have discovered that which I love the most I seem to discover another.  Have you ever heard of "one line drawing"?  It is as the name says, & coming across Olive & Arrow introduced me to… Continue reading Olive & Arrow

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Von Fluff

Do you remember going to a market as a young child & being completely captivated by the young man spinning the candy floss in a great big red metal drum, & handing you this piece of magic wrapped around a stick?  I was always enthralled by the sugar spinning & how this just melted in… Continue reading Von Fluff

Local Businesses

SLDV Illustration

As I'm sure you know by now, I am trying to collect family portraits from different South African artists/illustrators & hope to one day have a whole feature wall with different interpretations of our lives.  We may not be your usual family (what with our children being four-legged & furry), but we are a family… Continue reading SLDV Illustration

Local Businesses, Skincare & Make-Up

Tissue Oil

When I was contacted by Rubybox to participate in their survey for Justine Tissue Oil, I was very interested!  Rubybox is a great service offered right here in South Africa, where you subscribe & they send you surveys to complete that they feel may relate to you & your needs.  You then complete them honestly,… Continue reading Tissue Oil

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Cade Culture

If you know anything about my husband, you know that he is a big gamer & loves nothing better than having some down time in front of his PS4 playing Call of Duty with his online buddies, or even a little FIFA.  It allows him to escape the stress of reality & he has made… Continue reading Cade Culture

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A Day of Radiance

After using a few of Bella Boneca's products, I was so impressed & immediately reached out to Megan, who started this whole business.  She realised the importance of using natural products, free of parabens & not tested on animals.  She researched & put a lot of time into this, before realising that there wasn't a… Continue reading A Day of Radiance

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Mini Me

Do you remember receiving Lego as a child & coming up with all sorts of exciting creations, as well as bringing your dreams to life?  I LOVE building Lego, & have always had a special interest in the different Lego people & how their individuality is displayed. I was so thrilled to discover Mini Me… Continue reading Mini Me